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get ready to be amazed

Sunny days… Blue seas… White sandy beaches… We want you to join this luxurious vacation on one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean Sea. During this holiday you can enjoy hours of bootcamps, workshops and courses @ the 10th BDH 2021 by professional teachers and performers in different styles such as SALSA, BACHATA and KIZOMBA. Every evening there are crazy parties at various locations on this dream island.

Crazy parties – Spectacular shows – LIVE Bands – Inspirational workshops – Bootcamps – Awesome Trips, BBQ’s… and LOTS of FUN!

In addition to this festival program we will take you with us to explore Bonaire and relax at the beach, take a boat trip, swimming, snorkeling and chilling. Of course there is plenty of time to involve in activities on your own like diving, getting drinks at local bars, sunbathing at the pool or simply relax.

Whether you are a beginning dancer or at a higher level, whether you come alone or together, you will be guaranteed to have crazy fun and return home as an improved dancer and with a tan that will make everybody envious!



From the depths of our pristine waters to the height of our tallest peak, you will feel Bonaire’s magic wash over you from the moment you arrive and throughout the days as you become attuned to Bonaire’s unhurried pace. You will find that there is a peaceful ambiance for daily life, without the hassle of traffic lights, hustle and bustle or normal day-to-day worries. Your only concern will be how to spend each new day you have on Bonaire. Nowhere else is vacationing as easy as on Bonaire, as our warm, friendly people welcome visitors from around the world.

We invite you to delve into the wonderful activities the island offers, both terrestrial and marine, which makes Bonaire a unique destination. We encourage you to explore, to enjoy, to become a part of Bonaire, absorbing our nature, our culture, and our cuisine. The warmth from the sunshine is here for all to enjoy while on Bonaire, but you will cherish the afterglow of the Bonairean people in your hearts forever. We assure you that “Once a Visitor Always a Friend”.


Visity the crisis website of the Public Entity Bonaire to find out
what requirements
need to be followed when traveling to and from Bonaire

STINAPA is the organization that manages Bonaire’s nature parks on behalf of the Bonairian government. Something unique about Bonaire’s nature parks is that they are managed and maintained almost completely with funding and support from its visitors. Therefore, your contribution really makes a difference as it enables us to protect Bonaire’s valuable and vulnerable nature parks. The parks managed by STINAPA are: Bonaire National Marine Park & Washington Slagbaai Park

Bonaire National Marine Park & Washington Slagbaai Park

Discover Bonaire's newest oceanfront property!

Delfins Beach Resort

Luxury defined by nature

Welcome to Delfins Beach Resort, a spectacular luxury property features 116 spacious apartments and of course 13 villas with high-end amenities. One of Bonaire’s trendiest new restaurant, Brass Boer offers upscale dining with stunning seaside views. Delfins’ pool and beach bar will outshine all others. Lastly, the 5-star dive center offering lessons, high tech equipment and dive air. Delfin’s seeks to offer their guests a total Caribbean experience!


This is a provisional program. Program subject to changes

Friday August 27 
20.00 @ Resort Bonaire

* Bon Bini! Meet & Greet , registration 
Drinks, Bites & music

Saturday August 28 
@ The pool

  • Salsa – Randolpj & Cinnamon
  • Kizomba – Rayan
  • DJ Incognito @ Baru.  –  Dresscode: All Yellow

Sunday August 29 
@ Te amo beach

 diving, surfing, horsenback riding? Ask for info 
*Burger & bachata day.  Swin, snorkel and dance
*Bachata footwork J & T
*Bachata partnering T & C 

Monday August 30 
South tour and  Redpalm

* Departure South tour
*Local food en drinks
Kizomba @ the beach – T & C
*Back to resort
*movienight & workshop  @ Redpalm

Tuesday Augustus 31 
@ The pool

* Relax @ the pool, or plan own activities
*Coctail & bootcamp cha cha cha
*Workshop Cuban Salsa
*Social Dancing

Wednesday september 1
@ Resort Bonaire

*Departure Snorkelboat
*workshop Salsa – T & C
*Workshop Bachata  – Randolph & Cinnamon
*Workshop Kizomba – Ryan

Thursday September 2 
@ Resort Bonaire

*Departure bus for North tour
*Workshop & boca Washikemba (optional)
*Ladystyling – Cristel
*Back @ resort
*Workshop Rueda
*Workshop cuban Salsa
*Cuban Party. Dresscode Cuban Style.

Friday september 3
@ Secret location!!!

  • Relax @ The pool, or plan own activities
  • Workshop Kizomba – T & C 
  • Workshop Salsa – R & C
  • Workshop & party, secret location!!
  • Workshop art of connection (Ryan)
  • Ibiza party. Dresscode Ibiza style, hippie chique! secret location!!

Saturday September 4 
@ Hillside

*Dia di Bonaire
*Workshop Salsa Janice
*Party @ Hillside
*Shows J&T, R&C, T&C
*Party continues

Sunday september 5
@ klein Bonaire

  • Day @ klein bonaire
  • Workshop Rueda, Dips & Tricks
  • Group Dinner @ local Chinese

Monday September 6 
Relax & Sunset cruise

*Departure Sunset cruise
*Goodbye drink & dance @ the bar, resort Bonaire

artist & dj's


















































Are You ready to be amazed? Come and dance in paradise…  Heaven can wait!

Flight, Hotel and …..
Sunset Cruise,  Snorkel Tour,  South Tour. More then 20 workshops by International Teachers (Bachata, Salsa On1 and On2, Cuban, Rueda, Cha Cha Cha, Kizomba), Parties (DJ’s and a Live Band) Pool Party,  Klein Bonaire,  Sorobon Beach,  Te Amo Beach,  BBQ and Local Food,  Lots of Fun.

Horseback riding,  Quad Tour,  Mangrove Tour (Kayaking)


Dj Lalo

Salsa Dj from the Netherlands

this event is made possible by

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Big Silver 21mm $79
Small Gold 16mm $75
Big Gold 21mm $99

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BONAIRE DANCE HOLIDAY August, 27th 2021 till September, 7th 2021 You can send us an e-mail by filling the form